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Crushes, Mates, & Pups

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Crushes, Mates, & Pups

Post by Ailani on Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:51 pm

It all begins with this: Attraction. Any character can "like" another, even if they already have a mate (though this is not recommended). Crushes can lead to mated pairs, therefore, even pups! There is no time limit on when a character can have a crush - they could "like" them as soon as they meet them - and there is no limited number of crushes a character can have, though under 3 is ideal.

To tell if a character has a crush, check out what they do in roleplay and check out "Crush:" under their profile.

Note: Sometimes a crush doesn't go both ways: Beware!

This is when two wolves/characters of opposite gender pair up. After the two have finished the ritual shown below, they are then bonded with love, and can then birth their own pups and raise them together.

If the two don't get along or don't want to be together then they can split up, and go their own ways once again.

-Both must agree to becoming mates.
-Both wolves must be above the age of 2 years.-Neither wolves can have another mate unless the two split up or one dies.
-The two must have known each other for at least four full roleplay days and be good friends.
-The wolves must must get along well.
-Both wolves must have permission from the alpha.

Whether a new couple want to have a litter of their own, or someone wants to a adopt their own little one, pups are a real blessing (or curse), and it always adds more depth to roleplay having your character related to another. BUT there's some things you should know, first - have a look below!

Adopting a Pup:
-You don't need a mate to adopt a pup!
-You must know the pup well.
-The pup must agree to be adopted.
-You must be active and be able to feed and take care of the pup to adopt!
-The pack will help you with raising the pup, but they will not do all the work.

Having Pups
-You must have the Alpha's permission.
-You can only have one litter per year.
-The parents must be over two years to breed.-If pups do not find roleplayers within one month of their birth, they shall die. Parents roleplay the pups until then.
-The mother must stay in the den with the pups until they are old enough to come out. She is also limited to what she can do during her pregnancy; No hunting, fighting, etc.
-Number of pups, how healthy they are, how long pregnancy is, if the mother or pups survive birthing, etc, is determined by how high the mother and father's health and skills are.
-You must be active and be able to feed and take care of the pup to have pups!
-The pair may design their pups, or let the pup roleplayers choose to make their character, but the pups must look something like their relatives.
-The couple must "mate" to see if the female becomes pregnant (NPC will decide)
-All mating and birthing must follow the rules (no goriness).
*If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask a staff member or an experienced member (veterans).


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