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The Roleplay has Yet to start and this will be updated with description when it starts.
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Post by Ailani on Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:18 am

Mate Ceremony
In order to become mates, they must under go a common ritual held in the pack. The pack calls it `The Golden Time` for it is a time that is precious to the whole pack as they witness two wolves confessing their love inside the pack and bringing happiness and future pups.

First Phase~ The female and male wolf stand bellow the Elder Tree with their parents to one side of them. The Alpha then says a speech about the couple and how they have seen them grow and fall in love then the alpha asks them one simple question.

``Do you both promise to love and cherish each other until death parts you?``

They both then answer ``We do.``

Second Phase~ The two wolves are then presented with a chunk of boar, fish, and a large leaf filled with crystal clear water. The Mated pair will eat their first meal together that will be the first of many.

Third Phase~ A small feast is held with the pack and gifts are presented to the new mated pair. Each rank chooses a gift they would like to give to them, the gift often meaning something to the rank or pack. From then on, the pair are Mated.

Pup Naming Ceremony
After a new litter of pups are born, the parents name the pups in the privacy of the den. Though, that night, a ceremony is held to officially declare the birth of the pups and their names.

First Phase~ The litter of pups is brought to the Elder Tree with as many warriors around the litter as possible to protect the new members. The pups are brought to the Elder Tree where they are placed bellow the ancient branches on an elk's pelt. The Parents sit on either side of the pups alone with a warrior on each side. The alpha stands behind the litter and says a speech about how important the new litter is.

Second Phase~ The alpha takes each pup in turn and declares their names. After all pups have been named, a small feast is held and the pups are taken back to the den.

When a member dies either giving their life for the pack or having serve for a time and died of old age as an elder. All wolves of pack that have died are given a special ceremony to honor and remember them.

First Phase~ The body or bodies are placed under the elder tree. The alpha stands behind the body(ies) and delivers a speech about the dead.

Second Phase~ The family and/or close friends will begin to dig the graves for their loved ones. Then, the bodies will be dragged and placed in the grave by the family and/or close friends.

Third Phase~ Each member of the pack places a flower on top of the graves while the family and or/ close friends sit at the head of the grave and watch as members of the pack place them.

More Ceremonies May be added as the pack develops.


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